Quality Improvement in General Practice

Quality improvement in general practice

The future of Australian primary healthcare landscape is changing through the introduction of the 10 building blocks of high performing care, the RACGP Standards for general practices 5th edition and the PIP Quality Improvement Incentive.

Embedding a culture of continuous quality improvement within your general practice will allow you to identify areas for change and adopt new ways of doing business. Leading a high performing team can develop better systems of people working together to facilitate optimal internal efficiencies, client satisfaction and outcomes.

Quality improvement learning module

The EMPHN Quality Improvement (QI) learning module aims to provide a useful starting point for general practice to implement continuous quality improvement.

To deepen your improvement knowledge and gain the necessary skills to successfully facilitate an improvement team within your general practice, the EMPHN self guided QI learning module is designed to help you:

  • apply quality improvement in general practice
  • build skills in team facilitation, communication and leadership
  • apply the use of quality improvement tools and the Model for Improvement as a guide for improvement activities
  • facilitate improvement teams within your practice on how to develop ideas, test and implement change using PDSA cycles
  • use data to identify areas for improvement and measure improvement activities.

The EMPHN QI learning module contains online training videos that are supported with practical guides, checklists and resources that aim to guide general practice teams through the quality improvement journey.

The training videos can be viewed as a series or individually depending on your learning needs. The QI learning module is available free of charge and accessible to the whole of practice team.