Connecting people with health care remotely

Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare virtually via a PC or mobile device. This allows patients to be seen by their healthcare practitioner in the comfort of their home/ aged care facility/ local general practice. There are currently MBS items available for patients to see their specialists under the following criteria:

  • Rural/ remote patients >15km from their specialist (rurality as defined by ASGC remoteness areas RA2 – RA5, found on the Doctor Connect website)
  • A patient of an Aboriginal Medical Service A resident of an Residential Aged Care Facility
  • The technical requirements for using telehealth as a form of service delivery is minor and can be satisfied with as little as an iPad (or equivalent), a video calling system such as Skype, and an adequate internet connection.

The Telehealth Victoria Community of Practice (COP) enables collaboration among members of the Victorian health workforce who are involved in implementing, supporting, managing and evaluating telehealth access to their health services. 

For more information visit The Telehealth Victoria website.

EMPHN is supporting the roll out of Healthdirect’s ‘video call’ trial during COVID-19. Watch EMPHN's demonstration on how to use the Healthdirect video call platform below. 

For more information and resources on using telehealth and Healthdirect, visit our COVID-19 page.

Chronic Disease Management and Care Plans Using Telehealth in General Practice

Hot Doc have held a series of webinars for General Practice, GPs and nurses to assist them in understanding the new world of delivering healthcare via telehealth.

Webinar Resources: 

Further Telehealth Resources

The below health services provide telehealth (video) access to specialist/outpatient clinics, with demonstrated benefits for coordination of care, and patient time and convenience. To find out how you can connect more of your patients via telehealth, click on each of the organisations below to access each health service’s telehealth webpage.

Guides for print or email are available on the Health Direct's resources page which includes translated patient information flyers on 14 languages.

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