Practice Manager and business support

Practice Manager and business support

Supporting practices with accreditation, recruitment and other business needs

We support practice managers around their business and professional needs in the following ways, recognising that a medical practice needs to be both a successful business and a high quality health service. 

Practice manager network

The practice manager network has been established to provide managers with an opportunity to discuss relevant issues, to network, and share ideas and experiences. 

Topical issues in general practice will be presented and discussed and managers will be encouraged to work through these areas with their peers in a relaxed environment. 

Networking events will be held throughout the calendar year and provide an excellent opportunity for practice managers to connect with others working in general practice. 

Online forum

Access to a web-based online forum known as Basecamp, for networking with peers allows practice managers to ask questions or share ideas that can help enhance their role as a practice manager. It is also a great way to expand existing knowledge and skills. Practice managers are encouraged to join this relevant forum. 

  • This is a private forum and all interested persons must be invited by the moderator to participate. 
  • You can log on from any work station using your username and password. 
  • The information remains available for future reference and can be viewed by all users. 
  • Emails are sent out to notify members when a new discussion/comment has been posted. 
  • Participation requires adherence to guidelines which are reviewed and updated regularly. 
  • The forum is monitored by the moderator according to the guidelines


Koula Totsidis


Phone: (03) 9046 0346 

Denise Jones


Phone: (03) 8814 2414  

Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) represents and unites practice managers and the profession of practice management throughout the healthcare industry. AAPM provides industry related information and professional resources that will assist in improving practice management. A comprehensive program of educational workshops, webinars and online learning is offered to ensure those involved in practice management stay up to date with current legislative and accreditation standards.