Supporting your practice through accreditation

Staged visiting program

Our team can provide support to guide your practice through the accreditation process by a staged visiting program. This support is provided during the four milestones, which are:

  1. commencement of accreditation
  2. check list and planning
  3. guidance with the self–assessment process
  4. pre-visit preparation

Requests for support should to be 12 months prior to the accreditation survey visit.


Webinars are available to improve staff's knowledge in areas including:

  • vaccine and cold management
  • sterilisation
  • infection prevention and control
  • Chronic disease management and MBS numbers

View list of webinars available.

Useful links:

RACGP Standards for General Practice 5th edition and resources

  • Patient feedback Guide RACGP Standards for General Practice 5th edition
  • Resource Guide RACGP Standards for General Practice 5th edition
  • FAQ's RACGP Standards for General Practice 5th edition

RAGCP Infection Prevention and control 5th edition

Accreditation bodies:

Accreditation is a significant investment in your business’ future. Therefore, when renewing or registering for accreditation is a good opportunity to research existing accreditation bodies and make an informed decision. The areas to assess are cost, resources available, support provided and happy customers.