Collaborating with regional care partners to improve the health system

One of the key purposes of PHNs is to bring together every part of the primary health care system and facilitate meaningful collaboration that leads to system improvement and better health outcomes for the community. Primary health care collaboratives are region wide platforms of service providers and organisations working towards shared goals.

Their focus is on enhancing primary health care services in community based settings to support the management of chronic disease and complex conditions for people at risk of poor health outcomes across the catchment. This will necessitate improved alignment of primary and secondary service providers in the shared objective of slowing the progression of chronic and complex disease to prevent deterioration and reduce avoidable hospital admissions through improved community based models of care.

Currently, we facilitate two primary health care collaboratives and two mental health collaboratives:

We are also working collaboratively with stakeholders in Northern Health and Monash Health's service areas through existing structures. Both the existing collaboratives and our work in these areas will grow and develop over time. We will share more information as these plans develop further.