MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration model. It aims to strengthen the relationship between patients, their general practice, general practitioner (GP) and primary care teams.

Registration in MyMedicare is voluntary for patients, practices and providers.

The Australian Government’s Health and Aged Care's website now provides information about MyMedicare. This website will be updated regularly so you can stay informed regarding new announcements and resources.

For general practices and healthcare providers

Practices can register with Services Australia’s Provider Digital Access (PRODA), Health Professional Online Services (HPOS), and Organisation Register systems from 1 July 2023.

Read our article on MyMedicare Registration – Practice and Patient and Getting Ready for MyMedicare.

Useful resources:

For patients

Find out the benefits of MyMedicare and learn how patients can register - Information for MyMedicare patients.

Download the MyMedicare Patient registration form - MyMedicare Registration Form.

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