General Practice Support

Working with general practitioners to improve health outcomes

Our mission

Work closely with general practices through face-to-face visits, providing information and facilitating professional development to optimise patient health care and quality business outcomes.

The General Practice Engagement Team provides support to primary health care practice staff, including general practitioners, practice managers, primary care nurses, administrative staff and allied health in the Eastern Melbourne PHN region. 

This can comprise:

  • Visits to the practices by the General Practice Engagement Team member by appointment or on request. All practices in our catchment are allocated a general practice engagement officer. The engagement officer will ensure the practice is kept informed on topical issues affecting general practice and updated on current programs and services offered. 
  • Providing information and support in areas of practice accreditation, the use of MBS item numbers, immunisation, practice safety, primary care nurse support, telephone support and other practice management issues.
  • Facilitating professional development sessions through coordination of education and training events, in-practice training and webinars on various topics.

Our aim is to build the capacity of general practice teams by providing programs and services that are designed to improve practice systems and processes. By working closely with general practice teams we can support the staff to reach their full potential to optimise patient health care and quality business outcomes. 

Telephone helpdesk service  

Please contact our General Practice Engagement Team at or by calling 9046 0300.

Phone support is available for all practices within the catchment. Our general practice engagement officers can provide support and information on a variety of topics including business management and practice systems. Support is provided within the clinic on the following topics:

In-practice education for staff:

  • Dealing with difficult and challenging behaviour
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Vaccine and cold chain management
  • Sterilisation
  • Customer service
  • Triage

In-practice support services

  • Pre-Accreditation
  • Immunisation
  • Quality assurance
  • MBS Chronic Disease Management (CDM)
  • MBS Preventative health assessments:
    • 40-49 years with a risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    • 45-49 years who are at risk for developing chronic disease
    • +75 years
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
    • GP health assessment for former Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel
    • Refugee and other humanitarian entrants
    • People with intellectual disability
    • Comprehensive medical assessment for residents of RACF
  • MBS Practice Incentive Programs and Service Incentive Program (PIPs and SIPs)
  • Practice Nurse Incentive Programs (PNIPs)
  • Coordinated Veteran’s Care Program (CVC)
  • Recall and reminders
  • Hepatology (Chronic Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C)
  • Advanced Care Planning (ACP)
  • General practice set up
  • General practice closure
  • Individual nurse orientation for nurses new to general practice 
  • Planning and implementing nurse clinics

Our staff provide information and support in areas of

  • Clinical areas, including immunisation, cancer screening, chronic disease management and disease prevention
  • Business areas, including practice accreditation, recruitment and training of non-clinical staff  
  • Integration and improvement areas, including quality improvement, clinical assessment tools, patient centred health care home reforms, professional development, group and in-practice training via face-to-face and webinars. Education events cover topics including vaccine and cold chain management, infection prevention and control, sterilisation, triage, customer service and dealing with difficult and challenging behaviour