Compliments, suggestions or complaints

We welcome feedback from the community, the health sector, our stakeholders and our team members. EMPHN takes your feedback and the feedback process seriously – and is committed to treating each instance of feedback on its own merits; impartially, confidentially and transparently. Everything you can tell us helps us to become the best we can be – so please, have your say!

Feedback includes compliments, responses, suggestions or complaints. Talk to your EMPHN contact or fill out our feedback form here.

Our Feedback and Complaints Policy and our Complaints Handling Procedure outline what happens once you’ve shared your feedback; how we respond, keep you updated, and implement change.

For the most serious complaints, EMPHN has engaged STOPLINE to provide a Whistleblower Hotline and Investigation Service, ensuring whistleblowers are fully protected and investigations are conducted impartially. EMPHN's Whistleblower Policy explains more about making a report and outlines the protections available to whistleblowers.

To make a report to STOPLINE (it may be anonymous or you can leave details), click this link or scan the QR code on this page.