Digital health

Using technology to enable better healthcare

Healthcare is changing every year and the overwhelming trend is that digital health and new technologies are driving these changes. 

There is no substitute for personal care from a trusted GP or health professional, but we are also hearing the voice of health consumers calling out for smarter solutions that give them choice and control over their care and information. 

Digital health will also play an important role in improving referral pathways and more closely integrating health services in order to improve our health system.

Broadly, the term digital health refers to any form of healthcare provision delivered via electronic means. This may include electronic health records, electronic referrals, secure messaging between providers, and telehealth/ telemedicine.

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Electronic referrals

Electronic referrals are currently being trialed in a number of areas around Australia. These systems allow for patient clinical and personal information to be selectively included from the GP patient record to be securely delivered between healthcare providers.

This system ensures that a referral is received by the healthcare provider and the GP will receive instant acknowledgement that their patient's referral has been successfully received into the destination referral office.

My Health Record overview

My Health Record is a secure repository of healthcare information uploaded by practitioners that contains information about your patients. 

National Health Services Directory (NHSD)

The NHSD is a joint initiative of all Australian Governments delivered by Healthdirect Australia, to provide a comprehensive and consolidated directory of health service and provider information.

For consumers, the NHSD currently provides essential service information such as location, opening hours and contact details. The NHSD also supports health professionals by facilitating the coordination of ongoing care for patients and communication between health professionals through secure messaging and electronic referrals.

To provide feedback or request information providers can email the NHSD content management team at

PIP Digital Health Incentive

The PIP Digital Health Incentive delivers financial incentive with the aim of recognising general practices that provide comprehensive, quality care, who are either accredited or working towards accreditation with the RACGP standards for general practice.

Secure messaging

Secure messaging is the name given to software that allows encrypted communication between sites and the transfer of documents such as discharge summaries. To be eligible for your Digital Health Incentive, you will need to commission a compliant secure messaging package. For a list of compliant packages, please see the register of compliance at https://epipregister.digitalhe...


Telehealth is the delivery of healthcare virtually via a PC or mobile device. More information is available here.

Population Level Analysis and Reporting (POLAR GP)

Population Level Analysis and Reporting (POLAR GP) uses health analytics to understand and respond to population health trends, support quality in primary health services and provide insights into the local business drivers for general practice.

Practice Data Quality Reporting is now available! A hard copy report that demonstrates practice performance against benchmarks, this report can lead to better patient outcomes and identify areas of improvement in your practice. 

POLAR Webinar Q & A April 2019

Digital health resources

Getting started with digital health registration for healthcare providers


PRODA (Provider Digital Access) is an online portal hosted by the Department Human Services (DHS) is used to securely access multiple online healthcare services.

PRODA account is required to access HPOS to access a new streamlined Organisation registration process for My Health Record.  

As well, from 7 November, the Organisation NASH certificate will be able to be downloaded securely via HPOS by Organisation Maintenance Officers (OMO). 

For more detailed information on this new process the following may assist:

Training and engaging the practice team

Security of the My Health Record system

Data Quality

Shared Health Summaries

Event Summaries

Advance Care Plans

Consumer Portal

Privacy and Digital Health