Electronic Referrals

Electronic Referrals

Sending outpatient referrals electronically

The Australian National Digital Health Strategy aims to eliminate clinicians’ dependence on all paper-based messaging by 2022.

There is already an established use of a wide range of secure messaging systems in Australia.

For example, an e-referral is an electronic document that can be sent electronically from one healthcare service to another, opposed to the current process of faxing or posting the referral.

At no cost to the general practitioners or general practices, GPs can send e-referrals through HealthLink SmartForms.

The Department of Health and Human Services has developed statewide referral criteria to assist GPs and clinicians referring patients to Specialist Clinics. HealthLink SmartForms include a direct link to HealthPathways Melbourne which is up-to-date with statewide referral criteria.

These referral criteria have been developed to improve access to Specialist Clinics in public hospitals by improving the quality and appropriateness of referrals.

GPs can refer to Specialists clinics at Eastern Health, Austin Health, Monash Health, Northern Health, and Mercy Health.

HealthLink SmartForms can be used from Medical Director 3.17.1 and above, Best Practice Premier (LAVA) and above and Genie 8.8 and above and Medtech Evolution.

Please contact your practice software vendor for updated information about their ability to support eReferrals and secure messaging delivery (SMD), if they are not listed above.

e-Referral Solutions

HealthLink SmartForms:

HealthLink SmartForms e-referral solution is integrated within Medical Director, Best Practice, Medtech Evolution and Genie and will streamline the completion and submission of electronic referrals.

From your software programs, GPs will be able to select a form, have it pre-populated automatically with data from the electronic patient record, have it validated and sent securely to the intended recipient, and receive an acknowledgement of receipt without the need to print and fax. A copy of the form will automatically be stored securely in the patient’s record.

See what forms are available to you with Best Practice.

Technical Criteria

Use of the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11; Chrome or Edge. This project doesn’t support Firefox or Safari browsers.

My Aged Care e-Referral tutorial videos launched

Tutorial videos on My Aged Care e-Referrals are now available for Best Practice, Medical Director and Genie. These videos are a step-by-step guide through the My Aged Care e-Referral form process, which you can access in your Practice Management System.

Visit the HealthLink website to watch your PMS’s tutorial video to see how easy it is to complete a My Aged Care e-Referral.

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