Secure messaging

Secure messaging

Secure messaging enables safe, seamless, confidential exchange of clinical information between healthcare providers using a secure, encrypted system.

Secure messaging is a better alternative to mail, emails or faxes for the exchange of a patient’s clinical information.

Information can include referrals, reports, pathology and radiology requests, results and discharge summaries.

Secure messaging:

  • Integrated with most clinical software systems
  • Enables providers to receive clinical information in real time and improved clinical decisions due to the right information being available at the point of care
  • Allows secure exchange of clinical information and documents, such as eReferrals and discharge summaries, preventing unauthorised access
  • Protects patient privacy by ensuring confidential information is securely shared between healthcare providers
  • Facilitates digitally enabled integrated and coordinated care
  • Records ‘send’ and ‘receive’ audit trails
  • Reduces administrative costs, including stationery, postage and staff hours

Several secure messaging software systems are used in Victoria. The most common are:

GPs can also use secure messaging to send referrals electronically (eReferral)


For more information on implementing secure messaging in your practice - Secure Messaging Implementation Guide.

For assistance in setting up secure messaging within your practice please reach out to the Digital Health Team.