PRODA (Provider Digital Access) is an online portal hosted by the Department Human Services (DHS) is used to securely access multiple online healthcare services.

PRODA account is required to access HPOS to access a new streamlined Organisation registration process for My Health Record.

The Organisation NASH certificate can be downloaded securely via HPOS by Organisation Maintenance Officers (OMO).

For more detailed information on this process the following may assist:

NASH PKI update

ACT NOW! NASH PKI certificates may be expiring in March 2022 for many organisations.

To maintain access to important digital health tools such as electronic prescribing and My Health Record, your organisation needs to ensure that your NASH PKI certificate is renewed.

Please refer to the NASH renewal quick guide:

Contact your EMPHN Digital Health Officer

Our dedicated Digital Health Officers are available to assist you with any PRODA queries.

Please contact us at