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A ground-breaking new e-referral service called SR Specialists & Referrals has launched in Victoria and Tasmania.

The free service sees the Medical Specialists Directory available online and integrated within HealthLink’s software so GPs can seamlessly search, select and e-Refer to any private specialist in the directory.

The trusted directory is used by most GPs to search for private specialists and will still be available in hard copy to give GPs a choice of how they’d like to view it.

The service is available to GPs using the two main practice management systems (PMSs), Medical Director and Best Practice via HealthLink.

Similarly, specialists can receive the e-Referrals via their HealthLink account.

For more detailed information, this video may assist:


Update 1 September 2020: SR Specialists & Referrals Service (available in BP & MD)

Electronic referrals through the SR Specialists & Referrals service in HealthLink are now steadily growing. As receiving referrals electronically is a new experience for some specialist practices, the support team at SR are providing daily training to specialist staff regarding opening their HealthLink SR referrals.

Please email sr-support@specialistsreferrals.com.au if you know of any specialist practice that may benefit from more training and we will contact them and provide further assistance.

Further information regarding the SR Specialists & Referrals service.

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