Care Finders Program

Navigating Aged Care with care finders

The Australian aged care system offers vital support to our aging population. However, this system can be very detailed and hard to navigate when seeking the necessary services. Our care finders specialise in providing intensive assistance to older community members, helping them connect with aged care services and relevant community supports. Unlike service providers, care finders offer navigational support, aiding individuals to:

  • Identify disconnected older individuals,
  • Navigate the system and engage with My Aged Care,
  • Understand and guide through the care assessment process,
  • Access essential aged care services and other relevant community supports, including housing assistance for those at risk of homelessness,
  • Maintain regular check-ins to ensure ongoing needs are met.


A care finder will personally meet with older community members, either at their residence or a chosen location. They take the time to listen and comprehend the individual's service navigation requirements. Our services complement the My Aged Care channels, catering to those who need extra support due to vulnerability. To receive care finder assistance, an individual must:

  • Lack a caregiver or supportive person,
  • Feel uncomfortable or unable to trust their current caregiver or support person,
  • Be eligible for government-funded aged care.

Furthermore, eligibility may stem from reasons such as:

  • Reluctance to engage with aged care or government,
  • Being in an unsafe situation without services,
  • Difficulty understanding information and making decisions,
  • Experiencing isolation/loneliness, especially for specific groups like renters, those living alone with disabilities, and individuals with low income,
  • Belonging to culturally and linguistically diverse populations (CALD),
  • Identifying as LGBTI+,
  • Facing homelessness or the risk of homelessness.

Please click here to access a step-by-step diagram to determine eligibility or here to see a decision tree for navigation support.

Accessing care finder services

The care finder network is administered by the following organisations in eastern and north-eastern Melbourne:

Referring into the program is easy – no assessment or referral form is required.

An optional referral form available for quicker access if you would prefer. Click here for an optional referral form.

To find your nearest Care Finder provider, see the map below or you can visit the home page on the My Aged Care website.

If you or someone you know are not eligible for the care finder network, below are resources to assist in finding a service.

For more information on the care finder network please contact

Care Finder Supplementary Needs Assessment

The Care Finder Needs Assessment, includes an outline of the activities undertaken by EMPHN to identify local needs in relation to Care Finder support, and sets out the evidence base for EMPHN’s initial commissioning approach to Care Finder services. Download the Care Finder Supplementary Needs Assessment.