Better Health North East Melbourne

Primary health care collaborative based in north eastern Melbourne

Better Health North East Melbourne (BHNEM) is a collaboration of diverse organisations that are critical to the delivery of healthcare across the north east of Melbourne. BHNEM has a catchment that covers the Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Darebin, Banyule and Nillumbik. The group has identified the potential of working closely together to deliver better healthcare outcomes for its constituents.

BHNEM's vision is 'Connected healthcare for community wellness' and its stated role is, 'We are influential leaders who design and deliver integrated services together'.

BHNEM's strategic goals are, seamless health care, sharing information and working well together. There are two priority areas for the next five years - people aged over 65 who are frail, and children under five years old with developmental delay. The aim is to improve both health system and patient reported outcomes, and to also improve the patient experience as reported by the patient.


BHNEM's member organisations are as follows, with each organisation's CEO or delegated alternative participating in meetings of the BHNEM Governance Group:

  • Austin Health
  • Banyule Community Health
  • Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services
  • Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network
  • healthAbility (Nillumbik)
  • North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network 
  • Your Community Health (Darebin) 

Strategic Plan

The Better Health North East Melbourne Strategic Plan 2018–2023 outlines our vision, values and the role BHNEM will play in order to realise our strategic goals.

Better Health North East Melbourne Strategic Plan