Thinking About Registering for MyMedicare?

Thinking About Registering for MyMedicare?

15 August, 2023

If your practice is considering registering for MyMedicare, but you're unsure, here are some reasons why to do so:

  • It's recommended that your practice register before patient enrolment begins on October 1, 2023. Ensuring your patients can enroll with their preferred practice is crucial to the continuity of their care.
  • From November 2024, registered patients will only be able to receive chronic disease management plans through their registered practice.
  • Your practice could benefit financially, including longer MBS funded-telephone calls and triple bulk billing incentives.
  • Having a multidisciplinary team in a general practice setting is beneficial as it enables all team members to work to their full potential. MyMedicare will provide a clear understanding of patient care, allowing health professionals to collaborate and improve patient quality care.

If you have received a Strengthening Medicare General Practice Grant, consider:

  • For Accreditation, please contact your practice facilitator for support or
  • For Enhancing Digital Health Capability consider upgrading IT equipment, for example new monitors with inbuilt cameras and speakers to support video telehealth consultations.


There are 4 steps to registration:

  1. Link your Organisation in PRODA
  2. Link your Organisation in HPOS
  3. Create an Organisation record in the Organisation Register on HPOS
  4. Add an Organisation Site Record- Note: you are not able to finish the registration process until 1 Oct when MyMedicare becomes a program option from the drop-down box (see below)

Further details are available on the EMPHN website. Alternatively, contact your EMPHN Facilitator or to discuss the registration process.

You may like to attend the following events:

New ruling by the State Revenue Office on payroll tax for medical centres may have a significant implications for general practices. More information. Register for a webinar by Avant Law and RACGP on Thursday 17 August 6.30pm.

Thursday 24 August - Enhancing digital health capability to streamline practice efficiencies, to make the most out of Strengthening Medicare General Practice Grant funding. Guest Speaker Katrina Otto from Train IT.

Wednesday 6 September - POLAR training and new enhancements– including how patient flagging can assist practices with MyMedicare. VIEW FLYER.

More information

Read our Introduction to MyMedicare and our article on Getting Ready for MyMedicare.