Getting ready for MyMedicare

Getting ready for MyMedicare

01 August, 2023

MyMedicare is the new voluntary patient registration model that aims to strengthen the relationship between patients, their general practice, Doctor, and primary care teams.

From 1 July 2023, general practices were able to enrol in MyMedicare. Read our introduction to MyMedicare.

To be eligible for MyMedicare, general practices must:

Please note: If your practice is already registered and all participating providers are linked in the Organisation Register, you do not need to complete a second registration process.

If you require PRODA assistance, please call 1800 700 199 select option 1.

Useful tips for registering.

  • Before commencing your registration, watch the Setting up the Organisation Register for program use simulation video.
  • Have all your required details at hand ahead of time, as you will be logged out of the system if you leave the application open without action for a period of time. Details required for registration include:
    • Practice Owners can be registered as the Associate, other staff as authorised contacts.
    • Details of the staff you wish to register including their mobile numbers and date of birth.
    • Prescribing Number and
    • Provider Number
    • Banking details
    • Responsible Officer Number (RO)
    • Registration Authority Number (RA)
  • You must log into the PRODA account of the principal GP (RO) and go through the process in their account regardless of if you are a delegate (OMO) or not.
  • When you log into PRODA to start the process, also have the Setting up the Organisation Register for program use simulation video open in your internet browser. You can stop and start this simulation as you go through the steps.
“I found the whole process scary at first, but as I spent a bit of time looking into it, I realised the process is actually quite easy. The main thing I would say to practices is have a go.” Testimonial and useful tips provided by Jenni, Practice Manager Kilsyth

Once registered, practices are not required to complete further steps until patient registration becomes available from 1 October 2023.

Patients will be able to register for MyMedicare from 1 October 2023. We will provide information on how to register patients as it is released from DoHAC. 

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