COVID-19 Updates for EMPHN commissioned health service providers

COVID-19 Updates for EMPHN commissioned health service providers

22 April, 2020


Referral pathways to EMPHN commissioned services are continuing. Please contact EMPHN’s Referral and Access Team, who can assist healthcare professionals, consumers and carers in referrals to services and system navigation.

Service delivery

Overall, EMPHN contracted services have moved to telehealth-style options. All group work has ceased, however virtual options are being looked into by providers as a solution. No Mental Health and AOD service (other than groups) has ceased or closed doors. EMPHN strongly encourages continuation of service promotion through this time, as we know there has been an escalation in community distress.

eHealth and Telehealth

Telehealth HealthDirect trial support
EMPHN commissioned Mental Health and AOD providers are eligible for Healthdirect's video call trial until the end of June 2020. If you are interested in this option, please make contact with your contract manager who can assist with further enquiries.

Telehealth tips and tricks

Healthvital IT provides and overview of how to use telehealth options safety, and guides in how to choose the most appropriate software.

Privacy and security

DHHS has released a Telehealth consulting and conference privacy and security fact sheet (released 14 April)


See our website for guides, fact sheets and information. 

COVID-19 Telehealth MBS items - More information.

Personal Protective Equipment

PHNs have been given a limited supply of P2 masks from the Australian Government stockpile for pharmacy and general practice only. You can see the Australian Government guidelines for distribution here.

We appreciate that many healthcare providers require additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gowns, goggles, hand sanitiser and the like. Unfortunately, apart from masks, we have not received any additional PPE to distribute further than general practice and pharmacy. We have raised this as an issue with both Commonwealth and State health departments.
If your organisation is State or Commonwealth funded, PPE requests can be addressed to:Victorian Government PPE requests:  Australian Government National Medical Stockpile inbox:  Aged care or institutional workers where there is a current outbreak can request PPE:

Upcoming webinars

► Open access national webinar Providing virtual care in allied health: the possibilities and potential of telehealth during the pandemic and beyond - Tues 21 April, 6pm. Register Here.

 ► Australian Psychological Society: Loneliness and social isolation in the time of COVID-19 Free public online event: Thurs 23 April, 8pm. Register here