Eastern Regional Coordinators Resources

Eastern Regional Coordinators Resources

The Eastern Navigation Resource

It has been identified in the Productivity Commission findings 2020 and the Victorian Mental Health Royal Commission report 2021 that the navigation of supports for people is a key area of need. Issues with navigation of supports are identified as common concerns in both reports and the impacts on consumers, their families and the people who support them are outlined. Online and centralised navigation portals are recommendations from both reports, in an effort to improve the providers understanding of available services when assisting people.

This navigation guide aims to bridge the gap for service providers in lieu of a suitable multi-sector online navigation platform. The guide will assist you as a service provider to understand the key entry points to a range of service sectors.

It’s divided into sector specific sections and contains information to assist staff to know the eligibility criteria, catchments, and suitable entry points. It also includes some useful links and demystifies acronyms and terms for each sector. This guide does not intend to provide a comprehensive list of services and supports, but rather key access points that will assist with service navigation. It contains a glossary of common terms and acronyms used in the various sectors covered by the guide from page 51.

This resource is current as of March 2022, and the authors take no responsibility for the ongoing accuracy of the content. Web links are provided for each service sector and should be referred to when accuracy is required.

The next update will occur this year to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander supports, Community legal services, and CALD and Migrant support information.

Please use the following video presentations to orient you and your staff groups to the various sectors of support outlined in the Navigation guide.

  • Family Services sector

  • Children and Young people
  • Family Violence Sector

  • Community Health Services
  • Alcohol and Other Drug Services

  • Mental Health Sector (includes the NDIS)

Complex Support Needs Persona suite

The Eastern Regional Coordinators have identified that there are people with complex support needs engaged with a wide range of service sectors. To initiate a useful conversation regarding this client group, it was decided that the development of a suite of Persona’s would be a valuable tool. This would ensure confidentiality whilst enabling a better understanding of how to improve coordination and collaboration. Personas provide an important story telling tool, from the perspective of the client.

Building on the work of the ‘Outer East PCP Mental Health Access and Pathways Project’, this new Persona work and journey mapping aims to articulate the complex support needs of shared clients in our region. This project was enabled by funding from the Outer East Primary Care Partnership.

The next stage of this Persona project is to undertake client journey mapping with various sector representatives, both with Lived Experience and as service providers.

How to use the persona suite

This group of personas have a variety of applications including:

  • Staff capacity building
  • System change work
  • Strategic organisational planning
  • Cross-sector safe and quality care discussions
  • Other creative applications

Persona suite documents