For individuals and families

Hope and Thrive, delivered by EACH in the Knox area: Provides assessment, consultation, and counselling treatment for individuals and significant others where there is a co-occurring mental health and substance use concern. A peer-led recovery approach is a feature of the service.

Family Focus Project, delivered by EACH with community health partners: Provides individual and family counselling for communities affected by problematic substance abuse. Other service partners include Access Health and Community, and Link Health and Community.

Dual Diagnosis Program, delivered by Anglicare: Provides counselling and case management for individuals and their families impacted by issues relating to dual diagnosis (mental health and AOD).

Family Alcohol and Drug Service, delivered by Anglicare: Provides support for parents and other family members who are impacted by the problematic substance use of their loved one, in addition to providing support to the consumer.

AOD RELATE, delivered by Banyule Community Health: Provides therapeutic services, including care coordination, counselling and case management, for individuals and their families impacted by dual diagnosis. See resources here.

Medication Support and Recovery Service (MSRS), delivered by Access Health and Community and their partners: The MSRS is an addiction service which specialises in helping people who have problems with their use of prescription or over-the-counter medications. See resource here.

North East Recovery and Support Program (NeRASP), delivered by Banyule Community Health: A recovery-oriented, eight-week Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) based day program for people experiencing problems from any substance use and mental health issues. This program supports participants to develop personal skills and strategies related to their AOD recovery and includes peer support, group and post-group support.

EMPHN Mental Health SupportConnect team