World Hepatitis Day - 28 July

28 July, 2016

World Hepatitis Day provides a major opportunity to remind people of the dangers associated with viral hepatitis and urge them to speak to their doctor, to make sure they aren’t missing out on treatment that can prevent liver cancer, liver cirrhosis and liver failure. liver damage and death can now be prevented as well as improve the day-to-day lives of thousands of Victorians, but only if more people come forward to receive treatment.  Simple actions such as being tested for the virus or having a regular liver check-up can quite literally save lives by ensuring that treatment starts at the right time.

In the last year, there has been a dramatic improvement in the treatments available for hepatitis C. These new antiviral medicines are much more effective and have far fewer side-effects than previous treatments. Nearly 5,000 Victorians have already benefited from new therapies that eradicate the hepatitis C virus.

Log on or request access to HealthPathways Melbourne for advice on assessment and management of hepatitis in primary care and local referral options. 

The new hepatitis C treatments, vaccination for hepatitis B, and the development of fast and painless liver scans to monitor liver health, mean that we can manage and treat both hepatitis B and hepatitis C before serious liver disease develops.

World Hepatitis Day provides an important reminder for families and communities, and health professionals to talk about viral hepatitis and make sure we turn the tide on these two conditions. 

This year Hepatitis Victoria has re-badged and expanded its annual festival, which coincides with World Hepatitis Day, to the LIVERability Festival.  Together with a range of partner organisations they are hosting events from the west to the east of Melbourne, as well as the central business district. Consistent with the international theme for World Hepatitis Day 2016, the aim is to educate and raise awareness, with the goal of eliminating viral hepatitis. For further information go to: