Webinar series for GPs: Managing the shadow effects of the pandemic

Webinar series for GPs: Managing the shadow effects of the pandemic

26 October, 2020

This series of webinars aims to support general practitioners to manage the less visible ripple effects of the pandemic on wellbeing, mental and physical health.

Topics range from the importance of GPs putting their oxygen mask on first to be able to continue their role on the frontline of the pandemic, to supporting an increase in patients feeling heightened anxiety and stress, to managing the ongoing health issues experienced by people who had COVID-19.

Presented by EMPHN, speakers include local primary healthcare providers and experts in mental health, suicide prevention, respiratory conditions and rehabilitation.

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Webinar 1: GPs - Put on your oxygen mask first

When: 7-8pm, 12 November 2020

For GPs on the frontline of the pandemic, the importance of putting your own oxygen mask on first and prioritising self-care can’t be understated.

This session will discuss the increased stress and burnout experienced by GPs and provide practical strategies and self-care techniques. The session will provide an opportunity to share experiences, learnings and identify where and how to access help.

Speakers for this session:
Dr Kym Jenkins – Psychiatrist
Long Nguyen – Victorian Doctors Health Program
Dr Jane Crowe - Psychologist

Watch below:

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Webinar 2: Strategies for GPs dealing with patients' heightened anxiety and stress

When: 7-8pm, 19 November

Discover current trends in usage patterns of local and state-wide mental health services. Hear from mental health experts in identifying mental health issues in younger and older people, communication strategies, and local referral support to deal with the increase of mental health presentations to your practice.

Speakers for this session:
Dr Hemlata Ranga - Psychiatrist, The Melbourne Clinic
Dr Anne Marie Keogh - Consultant Psychiatrist, St Vincent’s Hospital
Tanya Cottrell - Mental Health Nurse, St Vincent’s Hospital
Bec Elliott - Referral and Access team, EMPHN

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Webinar 3: Managing the longer-term issues of recovered COVID-19 positive patients

When: 7-8.15pm, 26 November

Understand emerging evidence of medical complications that are having long-term impacts on the health and wellbeing of patients who have recovered from COVID-19.

Discover how to assess and manage these presentations in general practice and local referral pathways as well as Victoria’s COVID-19 system response for future outbreaks.

Speakers for this session:

Dr Penny Gaskell - Clinical Director and GP Liaison Medical Officer Eastern Health

Shae Cooke – Clinical Lead Physiotherapist Eastern Health

Adam Horsburgh - Chief Executive Officer Austin Health

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Webinar 4: Suicide Prevention at a time of heightened risk

When: 7-8pm, 3 December

Prepare to deal with patients who are experiencing suicidal thoughts. Understand suicide risk and protective factors, develop strategies for asking patients if they are experiencing suicidal thoughts and gain confidence in knowing what to do when the answer is yes.

Speakers for this session:

  • Madeleine Beck, Community Rehabilitation Support Worker, Neami National
  • Dr Kirsten Van Haaster, GP Clinical Editor, Health Pathways Melbourne