Voluntary Assisted Dying comes into effect today

Voluntary Assisted Dying comes into effect today

A safe legal framework for people who are suffering and dying to choose the manner and timing of their death.

19 June, 2019

From today, Victorians at the end of life who are suffering and who meet strict eligibility criteria will be able to request access to voluntary assisted dying. 

What is voluntary assisted dying?

Voluntary assisted dying means administering a medication for the purpose of causing death in accordance with the steps and process set out in law.

Voluntary assisted dying must be voluntary and initiated by the person themselves, and it will usually be self-administered. Only those who are already dying from an incurable, advanced and progressive disease, illness or medical condition will be able to access voluntary assisted dying.

Voluntary assisted dying is only for those who face an inevitable, imminent death as a result of an incurable disease, illness or medical condition. 

GPs role

GPs interested in participating are required to apply for a voluntary assisted dying permit from the Victorian Government, and will need to submit a number of forms to the VADRB.

Resources for health professionals

New resources are available to provide guidance for health services, including a one page fact sheet for medical practitioners who wish to participate in voluntary assisted dying. 

Medical practitioners who wish to participate are encouraged to: 

  • Complete the online training – this may take approximately six hours 
  • Register for the Voluntary Assisted Dying portal 
  • Contact the Care Navigator Service  

For more information and further resources please visit the Department of Health & Human Services' website.  

A localised pathway is now available on HealthPathways Melbourne to inform and support general practitioners of the strict eligibility criteria and their role.