Updating your Organisation PRODA settings to enable your practice staff to complete MyMedicare Registrations

Updating your Organisation PRODA settings to enable your practice staff to complete MyMedicare Registrations

24 October, 2023

Adding practice staff as members to the PRODA Organisation Account will enable team members to undertake MyMedicare patient registration activities. Delegation of member access can determine their level of access and what they can see or do in the Organisation register as determined by the practice owner/principle.

      1. For those team members you would like to include roles and responsibilities in the MyMedicare program workflows at your clinic, consider supporting your staff with setting up individual PRODA accounts, managing delegation settings and PRODA training.
        For practice staff that will be added to the Organisation account, they will need to register for an individual PRODA account:
        1. Individuals: How to register for a PRODA Account: https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/how-to-register-for-individual-proda-account?context=33786
      2. Once a team member is registered with PRODA, add members and delegate authority in PRODA organisation account.
        Refer to the following steps.

        Managing members and delegations in an organisation in PRODA: https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/managing-members-and-delegations-organisation-proda?context=33786
        Tip: Organisations have the option to add an additional layer of security be restricting staff access to information based on work area, role or site.

        Refer to slides 3-4 of the following resource: MYMED02-MyMedicare-Managing patient registrations (servicesaustralia.gov.au)
        Members of the Organisation in PRODA who are directors or have been assigned the Owner-Access attribute will automatically have the MyMedicare attribute added.

        For MyMedicare, the following two attributes need to be delegated for each staff member who will be performing patient registrations.

      3. Training for your practice team on how to use PRODA for registering patients in the MyMedicare program, refer to:
        Accessing MyMedicare Program in PRODA and Patient Registration steps: MYMED02-MyMedicare-Managing patient registrations (servicesaustralia.gov.au)
        For further PRODA support or training:
        PRODA Online Training: https://hpe.servicesaustralia.gov.au/provider-digital-access.html
        Phone: 1800 700 199
        Email: proda@servicesaustralia.gov.au