Upcoming tender: Evaluation of the Lilydale Integrated Youth Health Hub

Upcoming tender: Evaluation of the Lilydale Integrated Youth Health Hub

14 December, 2021

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) is advising of a Tender Opportunity to evaluate the Lilydale Integrated Youth Health Hub (LIYHH).

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Name of Tender: Evaluation of the Lilydale Integrated Youth Health Hub (LIYHH)

The LIYHH provides young people and families/carers with a single entry point to access to a range of no cost or low cost primary health care, community and social services to improve access, service coordination and integration. Targeting young people aged 12 to 25 years, the LIYHH facilitates access to a range of health and wellbeing activities and health services (e.g. clinical, social and community services) including:

  • mental health, physical health (including primary health, allied health and group fitness activities), sexual health and alcohol and other drugs services
  • life skills development, recreational activities, and health and wellbeing promotion activities
  • community and social services, for example, legal aid, family violence, employment, housing, education, disability and Centrelink.

The evaluation of the LIYHH will include:

  • A 12 month process evaluation assessing whether the program is meeting the needs of the target group and whether implementation is on track, including enablers and barriers to implementation
  • Examining the experience of consumers and practitioners of the service
  • Examining the strengths and areas of improvement for the service
  • A peer-reviewed literature review on holistic, multidisciplinary approaches to youth health and wellbeing
  • Examining the uptake and adoption of the program from stakeholders and from the eligible population cohort
  • Examining the impact of co-location of the services with regard to access, participation and engagement in the program
  • Examine the sustainability of the service delivery approach

The evaluation team must:

  • Engage with multiple key stakeholders of the LIYHH to provide answers to the key evaluation questions.
  • Demonstrate previous track record in research and evaluation of Primary Care programs
  • Provide sufficient workforce and demonstrate capacity to undertake the LIYHH evaluation activities to contracted timelines.
  • Comprehensively embed risk management systems and undertake ethics approval processes.
  • Collect, manage and analyse evaluation data
  • Provide required reports, including monthly updates on data collection and provide support for the use of the evaluation findings through knowledge translation activities

The successful Service tenderer will be contracted to evaluate the LIYHH from 30 March 2022.

Interested tenderers are encouraged to apply early as this RFT requires responses in two parts:

  1. The first is the pre-qualification component of the Tender Response
  2. The second is the remaining component of the Tender Response

Only Tenderers who meet the pre-qualification requirements set by EMPHN may submit the remaining component of the Tender Response. Please ensure you read all parts of the RFT to understand the process for lodging a response.

Applications open: 17 January 2022

Applications close:  11 February 2022

Evaluation planned to start:  4 April 2022

Evaluation duration: 31 May 2023