Trial of Shared Care for People Living With Migraine

Trial of Shared Care for People Living With Migraine

27 March, 2023

Austin Health, with funding from EMPHN, are conducting a 12-month trial of a new arrangement for people living with migraine that involves sharing care between Neurologists at Austin Health and GPs in the community.

Initially, potential participants for shared care are being identified from the existing waiting list for the Headache Clinic at Austin Health. The GPs who referred patients are being contacted directly to ascertain their own interest and the suitability of their patient for the Trial.

In addition, Austin Health would be happy to consider other potential participants from GPs in the catchment area.

Any GPs who have an existing patient living with migraine, who they believe could benefit from a shared care arrangement, should contact the Trial Coordinator, Phil Cohen, at Austin Health on 0458 888100 or by email

A more detailed overview of the Trial is provided in this document.