Top tick for heart health checks at Mediscreen Hawthorn

Top tick for heart health checks at Mediscreen Hawthorn

13 October, 2022

The team at Mediscreen Clinic Hawthorn enjoyed a scrumptious morning tea on Wednesday 5 October after being rewarded for promoting the highest number of Heart Health Checks to patients and increasing the number of Heart Health Checks performed from May to July this year. The push to implement the checks across EMPHN’s POLAR practices showed an increase of 13.7% in comparison to the previous three-month period.

The team at Medicscreen Clinic promoted the checks with a bright poster in their waiting room which helped to introduce the health checks with patients. The checks have helped to update patient data across a range of areas including diet and lifestyle and enabled the nurses to identify ways to improve patient health outcomes. Post-pandemic, the health checks have also increased the number of blood tests ordered which assists the nurses to identify many different health issues that may have arisen.

The Heart Health Check webinar and resources have been made into a course by EMPHN staff (which will have 3 RACGP points) and is now available on our Learning Management System. Contact for more information. This quarter, the digital health team are running a new Quality Improvement activity targeting cervical screening in an effort to boost numbers and increase health outcomes for women. Read more here

Image: Mediscreen Clinic Hawthorn nurses: Argyro, Kim and Rebecca