The new my health app is now live

The new my health app is now live

27 March, 2023

Now it is easier for patients to keep track of their health information and share it with their healthcare providers, using the new my health app.

The app gives patients secure, convenient access to their My Health Record information on their mobile device. Key health information you and other healthcare providers have added to a patient’s My Health Record can be accessed via my health, ensuring patients have this information readily available whenever it is needed.

This can be particularly useful if a patient is seeing another healthcare provider who may not be using My Health Record, such as an allied health professional or specialist. my health, is an Australian Digital Health

Agency owned and managed app, and is the latest digital tool developed by the Agency to help consumers and their carers engage with and be proactive in managing their health.

Encourage patients to download my health app today and view and share important health information on the go, by searching for “my health gov” in the app store.

Please visit our website for posters about the my health app or other resources such as social media tiles.