Telehealth video interpreting services for healthcare consultations

Telehealth video interpreting services for healthcare consultations

02 October, 2020

TIS National has now launched a new Telehealth Video Interpreting Service. The new service is available for Telehealth consultations carried out by General Practitioners, Medical Specialists, Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals.

How to Use the Service

Booking an interpreter for a Telehealth video interpreting consultation is similar to booking an on-site interpreter via TIS Online.

You will need to complete the booking form and provide:

  • details of video conferencing platform to use. Platforms may include, but are not limited to, Skype, Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams and healthdirect Video Call
  • access codes or credentials to join the video conference
  • hyperlink for the interpreter to join the video session, and
  • contact name and telephone number in your agency, should the interpreter encounter any issues.

You will receive an email confirmation when you submit your request, and when TIS National assigns an interpreter.

It is important to note that the agency is responsible for resolving connectivity and technical issues related to their Telehealth video interpreting session. During the booking process, TIS will ask you to provide the name and telephone number of someone the interpreter can call should they encounter any technical issues during interpreting assignments.

Telehealth video interpreting guide for agencies is available in the Help & Support section on TIS Online. The guide contains information and instructions on booking interpreters for Telehealth video consultations.

If you do not have an account with TIS National, you are able to register for an account via the TIS National website.

  • Medical Practitioners working in Private Practice can register for a Free Interpreting Service account
  • Allied Health professionals and other Medical Practitioners can register for a fee paying account

Further information about our Telehealth service can be found on TIS National’s Frequently Asked Questions page.