TEAMM Pharmacist - Ron's Story

TEAMM Pharmacist - Ron's Story

02 July, 2018

TEAMM-Pharmacist (Timely Enhanced Access to Medication Management) was a clinical pharmacy service delivered by Bolton Clarke to improve medication management for older clients at risk of experiencing adverse medicine events. 

The TEAMM-Pharmacists worked alongside the Bolton Clarke nurses to reconcile medicine lists, review and document medicines use in the home, provide medicines support and education to clients and family/carers, and coordinate medication management between the general practitioner team, nursing team, hospital, specialists and community pharmacy. 

“Thank you so much for the amazing support you gave me. I will never forget your kindness and diligence, going the extra mile.” – Bolton Clarke Nurse. 

This innovative approach aimed to improve the well-being of clients, like Ron who features in a new video about TEAMM-Pharmacist.