Quick Clinician Survey on COVID for policy impact

Quick Clinician Survey on COVID for policy impact

22 June, 2020

The ANU Medical School's Academic Unit of General Practice is leading the Australian arm of an international research for policy project. This rolling survey is taking place in the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.

We are hoping to track the response and capacity of primary care practices to deal with COVID-19 as well as the ongoing impact of the pandemic on "usual" general practice. The results from different health systems with different pandemic trajectories over time will be interesting.

The survey takes < 5 minutes to complete.


You will be directed to an information statement at the beginning of the survey. A detailed participant information sheet is available is here.

Further information

Summary snapshot information from the first round of the survey is available here and future summaries will be made available 2 weeks after the survey closes on our website. In additions summaries will be sent to our professional Colleges and policy makers.

We have teamed up with international primary care researchers from the Larry A. Green Center, The University of Auckland and University of British Columbia to do this study which has approval from the ANU Human Research Ethics Committee [no 2020/273]

For questions, concerns, or comments contact Professor Kirsty Douglas at kirsty.a.douglas@anu.edu.au.

Please share this survey with your colleagues!