Premier Dan Andrews visit to Heidelberg PPCC

Premier Dan Andrews visit to Heidelberg PPCC

03 January, 2023

Image 1: Premier Dan Andrews with acting Minister of Health Colin Brooks, Managing Director Kylie Payne, Kerry and Dr George Manolis outside of Heidelberg PPCC.

The recently opened Heidelberg Priority Primary Care Centre (PPCC) commissioned by Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) to support Austin Hospital was visited by Premier Dan Andrews and his acting Minister of Health Colin Brooks today. We were joined by Interconnect Healthcare Managing Director, Kylie Payne and Dr George Manolis and patient Kerry, who was one of the first groups of people to visit Heidelberg PPCC over the holiday period.

Image 2: Kerry reliving her experience of being treated at the clinic.

Kerry had injured her foot at Bunnings and highlighted how efficient her experience was during her visit at the local PPCC where she was treated for everything in about 3 hours (which is half the time she would’ve spent in the ED or more). Kerry lives just 10 minutes away and happened to have found Heidelberg PPCC online.

The Victorian Government is funding 25 PPCCs across the state. PHNs are commissioning these clinics in their respective regions. Five of these PPCC’s are located within EMPHN’s catchment. Heidelberg PPCC is the third PPCC that has recently opened and we are looking forward to an additional two more centres later this month.

Image 3: EMPHN COO Dinah-Rowe Roberts, ED Deputy Director Dr Joycelyn Howell and Austin Health CEO Adam Horsburgh.

For more information, a press release from today’s visit can be found here.