Practitioner spotlight: Dr Pallavi Prathivadi

Practitioner spotlight: Dr Pallavi Prathivadi

21 March, 2024

Dr Pallavi Prathivadi joined the EMPHN Clinical and Practice Council in February.

She is a specialist GP and primary care academic with policy expertise in primary care opioid prescribing and implementation science. She practices full time in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer (Practice) at the Monash University Equity, Primary care, Implementation and Community (EPIC) research unit, is a columnist at The Medical Republic newspaper and 2024 RACGP Mentor.

Dr Prathivadi completed her PhD in 2021, studying GP opioid prescribing practices, was a Fulbright Scholar at the Stanford University School of Medicine in 2020-2021, the 2019 RACGP National Registrar of the Year, and the 2018 EVGP (co) Registrar of the Year. She has clinical interests in women's health, sexual health and contraception, pregnancy, chronic disease and weight loss counselling. She values longitudinal care of patients and families and practising empathetic, patient-centred medicine that prioritises non-judgemental approaches to listening, acknowledging and addressing patient concerns.

To celebrate International Women's Day, Dr Pathivadi was invited to speak to EMPHN staff at a morning tea event. Presenting to a packed room, she shared her career journey, accomplishments, and the 'behind the scenes' difficulties of success. Dr Pathivadi took the time to answer a range of staff questions on topical issues such as prescribing drugs of dependence, changes to Medicare, and the gender pay gap. She shared real-life advice and tips for success.

The EMPHN team were thrilled and inspired to hear her talk with humour and grace and we look to her leadership and input on the EMPHN Clinical and Practice Council member.

Tips for success from Dr Prathivadi
Embrace the ‘uncomfortable zone” as opportunity for personal growth:

- Apply when you’re not qualified.
- Ask yourself ‘‘Would a man do it?’
- Openly show the difficulties, not just the successes.