Practice Incentives Program, eHealth Incentive update

02 August, 2016

Congratulations to all of the general practices that have met or exceeded their ePIP requirement of Shared Health Summary uploads for this past quarter, the Eastern Melbourne PHN teams are extremely proud of all your efforts and outcomes.

For those practices that were unable to meet the minimum shared health summary upload target by 31 July,  those practices were required to amend their participation details by opting out of the payment quarter or withdrawing from the eHealth incentive by contacting PIP enquiry line on 1800 222 032.

This first week of August marks the beginning of the next quarter, which will require a new target for Shared Health Summary uploads.

The simplest way to calculate the number of Shared Health Summary uploads is to look at your Practice Incentive Statement for the quarter ending 31 May using your practice’s Standardised Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE) as shown in the example below. 


The digital health page on the EMPHN website is regularly updated, as is the digital health pathway available on HealthPathways Melbourne

We appreciate that the new ePIP requirement has had considerable impact on the workflow within practices. If your practice would like some further education and suggestions to facilitate the embedding of digital health into your practice, please contact the EMPHN team by emailing: