Palliative Care Workforce Survey

Palliative Care Workforce Survey

21 April, 2021

The Australian Government Department of Health is currently undertaking a project to study Australia’s palliative care workforce and project the demand for, and supply of, palliative care services into the future.

As part of this work, HealthConsult has been engaged to analyse the composition of the palliative care workforce, undertake workforce demand and supply modelling and develop strategies to address findings. This analysis will directly support and guide future palliative care workforce policy and strategies.

Two surveys have been developed to inform development of the workforce model; one for organisations providing palliative care services and the other focused on members of this workforce delivering palliative care services. We would be very grateful if you could complete these through the web link(s) below:

  • PROVIDER SURVEY: focuses on the setting in which palliative care is provided to understand the profile of organisations delivering palliative care services, the numbers of palliative care services delivered, details of the palliative care workforce employed at each organisation and issues relating to workforce recruitment for staff delivering palliative care
  • WORKFORCE SURVEY: focuses on staff currently working within the palliative workforce to understand demographic details, qualifications and experience, role, location and type of service and intentions about continuing to work in palliative care.

Confidentiality: Please note that neither you nor your organisation will be identified in any reports or papers using information that is derived from these surveys. Your responses will be combined with those of all other respondents and the aggregated responses will form part of the overall data that will be provided to the Department of Health and will inform the workforce projections model.

Closing Date: The surveys will close on 7 May 2021.

Assistance: If you need any assistance in completing the online survey please contact Erick Hansnata (email: