Paediatric respiratory clinic opens in Monash Children’s hospital

Paediatric respiratory clinic opens in Monash Children’s hospital

13 September, 2022

A new State-funded General Practice Respiratory Clinic (GPRC) for children has opened co-located in Monash Children’s Hospital. It connects children with respiratory symptoms who present to Emergency Department (ED) with doctors and nurses.

The clinic’s services are free, with or without a Medicare card are open seven days a week from 6pm to 11pm; designed to meet the demand for after-hours support. The clinic is staffed by qualified clinicians, including GPs and nurses, who are highly experienced in working with children and providing immediate support to their patients. The clinic aims to reduce wait times in ED for families with sick kids and ease demand on the hospital.

The Monash Paediatric clinic is building on the success of the existing 52 GP respiratory clinics across the state, including five in the EMPHN catchment, you can view them here.

“This new paediatric GP respiratory clinic gives parents a pathway to get free, specialised immediate high-quality care for children with respiratory illnesses.” Janine Wilson, CEO EMPHN.

Even with the bulk of the winter weather behind us, hospital emergency departments are still seeing a high number of respiratory illnesses among children, which can be expected to continue as we enter spring when cases of hay fever will be on the rise and the risk of thunderstorm asthma increases.

Children and parents with runny noses, a scratchy throat, a sore ear, itchy eyes, a mild cough, or other cold, flu or COVID-like symptoms should see a GP. If your usual GP is not available, visit a GPRC to see a medical professional face-to-face. Clinicians at GPRCs provide comprehensive assessments and immediate illness management support for anyone with respiratory symptoms to keep them well and out of hospital.

Bookings to visit the clinic can be made online and via phone. Click here to view the hotdocs booking link.

*If you have severe trouble breathing, blueness around the mouth, chest pains, or pain in your arms or jaw, call triple zero (000) for urgent help.