News: Cash injected into ice battle

23 August, 2016

Emma-Jayne Schenk, Whitehorse Leader

Millions of dollars will be funneled into drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in the east as part of the Federal Government’s plan to combat the scourge of ice.

The Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network will receive $5.25 million over three years to develop drug and alcohol services.

Chief executive Robin Whyte said the cash was first announced late last year.

“These services will address health issues arising from the use of alcohol, illicit drugs and the misuse of prescription medicines,” Ms Whyte said.

She said the network had already conducted a needs assessment and started to work with stakeholders to determine what services were needed across the large catchment.

“It is very important to target these funds at the areas of greatest need in order to help people get faster, better and more appropriate support in getting their life back on track following harm from alcohol and other drug use,” Ms Whyte said.

Deakin federal Liberal MP Michael Sukkar said there was concern in the community about the lack of available treatment and rehab services.