New mental health program gives Max a LIFT

New mental health program gives Max a LIFT

13 August, 2018

A new mental health support program, LIFT, has supported more than 400 people seeking help for mental health concerns since it started in January 2018.  

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (EMPHN) CEO Robin Whyte said the LIFT program delivers EMPHN’s Mental Health Stepped Care Model. 

“The service offers a flexible range of mental health interventions matched to consumers’ needs,” she said. 

Whittlesea resident Max, aged 43, was referred to LIFT earlier this year after attempting suicide, and had recently been discharged from an acute psychiatric unit with a diagnosis of depression and agoraphobia.  

“Over time, my LIFT team has gained a better understanding of my needs,” he said. 

“While I still need treatment, my physical and emotional pain has lessened and the modifications to my home and connection to people and places has greatly improved my overall health and wellbeing.  

“I feel I’m getting the level of care I need, when I need it, without having to tell my story again and again.” 

Banyule Community Health is delivering this responsive, new program with its partners healthAbility and Nexus Primary Care. 

Banyule Community Health CEO Mick Geary said LIFT works with you to enable you to get back on track, reach your goals and live a full and meaningful life.  

“We offer a range of flexible mental health services tailored to your needs, including online support groups and apps, group programs, individual therapy, care coordination and peer support, so you get the right care at the right time from the right person at the right place,” he said.  

“The LIFT team works closely with your GP and other key support people and professionals to link you to a wide range of services to address other needs.” 

Wrap-around services may include housing, employment, family violence, gambling, family and social functioning, and alcohol and other drug harm reduction. 

People of all ages who live or work in Whittlesea, Banyule, Nillumbik, Wallan and Kinglake areas who are not able to afford or access similar services, may be eligible to receive support from LIFT’s experienced team of counsellors, mental health nurses, psychologists, care coordinators and peer support workers. 

LIFT is funded by the Australian Government through Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network. 

For referrals, including self-referrals, contact: 

  • Banyule Community Health Service Access team: 9450 2005 

  • Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network: 9800 1071