National Diabetes Week and HealthPathways Melbourne

13 July, 2016

Every day, 280 Australians develop diabetes.  This week, from July 10 – 16, is National Diabetes Week. Diabetes Victoria will run a positive awareness campaign, ‘We are here to help you!’  It is directed to all people affected by and at risk of developing diabetes. To learn more about National Diabetes Week and events that are running, please visit the Diabetes Victoria website.

Dr Angela Rutherford, HealthPathways Melbourne Clinical Editor, wrote in an article recently published in the Diabetes Management Journal, (Vol. 55, ppt 22-23), “Diabetes HealthPathways seek to support the management of patients with diabetes by their GPs and practice nurses via several approaches. For example, the pathway on screening and detection of diabetes and pre-diabetes, identifies individuals and groups at increased risk, and there is an online link to the Australian type 2 diabetes risk assessment tool (AUSDRISK). This is an excellent tool to inform patients of their risk and to support positive lifestyle change.”

HealthPathways Melbourne Diabetes pathways are currently being reviewed to maintain clinical relevance and referral information. HealthPathways Melbourne is developed by GPs, for general practice with input from specialists and other health professionals. There are a range of pathways in this suite, from Eye Disease Screening in Diabetes to Surgery, Contrast, and Bowel Preparation. The Managing Type 2 Diabetes pathway has received the highest number of page hits since launch. Visit the pathway to see how it might be relevant to you!