MyMedicare Registration – Practice and Patient

MyMedicare Registration – Practice and Patient

26 September, 2023

Practices wanting to register for MyMedicare are recommend to follow the steps below.

Please note the important pre-registration items (Steps 1 -3) to be completed.

IMPORTANT: MyMedicare registration must be completed by the practice owner/responsible officer (RO) using their individual PRODA account.

Regardless if you have been made the organisation maintenance officer (OMO), the RO is the only one with authority to set up an Organisation in PRODA. It is therefore critical to support seamless MyMedicare registration process that the following steps are completed.

Step 1: Checking PRODA details:

Please have your practice owner/RO log into their individual PRODA account and check that their details are up to date. To do this, select Profile (below).

Step 2: Updating PRODA details

Once in Profile section of PRODA, the practice owner/RO needs to ensure the details of; Name, address, email, phone number are up to date. Once updated, log out of PRODA and then log back in. Select Profile again and check to make sure any changes have been saved.

Step 3: Checking business ABR (Australian Business Register) details:

To undertake the registration process, the details for the practice owner/RO in PRODA must match the details listed for the practice owner/RO as an associate in the ABR (Australian Business Register). If you do not complete this check and the information does not match, you will not be able to progress with registration.

Once the practice owner/RO has checked/updated details in PRODA, it is important to check the details of the practice owner/RO as listed in the ABR (Australian Business Register) and update any email/phone numbers etc.

Click on the following link to check and update these details:

Step 4: Registering for MyMedicare

Now you have completed steps one to three, you are ready to register your practice for MyMedicare.

You can follow the steps and tips here on EMPHN website.

For a detailed PRODA and MyMedicare registration guide, please refer to the step by step guide including how to link HPOS (Health Professional Online Services) if you haven't already done using the following resource (Page 18) on the EMPHN website.

From 1 November 2023, the bulk billing incentive payments for Commonwealth concession card holders and children U16 are increasing.

These payments are triple the existing amounts for standard bulk billing incentives.

Step 5. Completing MyMedicare Registration

From October 1, return to the Organisation Register and add MyMedicare program to your practice registration via the Program Registration tab.

Patient Registration 1 October 2023

Patients will be able to register for MyMedicare from 1 October with their regular general practice, Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service or Aboriginal Medicare Service and select their preferred GP at the practice. MyMedicare registration will not prevent patients from accessing care from other practices and health care providers. Download the MyMedicare Registration Form. Further information on patient registration is available on the DoHAC website including patient registration frequently asked questions.

How can EMPHN help?

EMPHN is committed to providing updates as soon as new details emerge and will help you embed and develop the initiative within your practice. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact your EMPHN Practice Facilitator or email