My Health Record Practice Incentive Program (ePIP)

My Health Record Practice Incentive Program (ePIP)

13 May, 2021

Just a friendly reminder to those ePIP registered practices that 30 April marks the end of another ePIP quarter and to ensure that you have met your ePIP target in terms of Shared Health Summary uploads. 

If you are experiencing issues uploading Shared Health Summaries or viewing the My Health Record of a patient, your practice may need to update your NASH PKI Certificate and this process can be done though PRODA and logging into HPOS.

To check your practice’s target SHS for the next quarter online, select the update function on the Incentive Summary screen of your practice profile in PIP Online.

If your practice is not going to meet the target you must opt out of that payment quarter.  You need to make sure you do this online by the point-in-time date before the payment month.

Opting out of a payment quarter means you’re still registered for the eHealth Incentive, but you won’t get a payment for the quarter you opted out of.  You’ll be automatically opted back in for the next payment quarter.  You need to monitor your SHS uploads each quarter. 

Practices can also check their Shared Health Summary uploads for the current PIP Quarter in POLAR in the Clinic Summary Report.

If you have any questions, email