Meat and poultry industry testing

Meat and poultry industry testing

14 August, 2020

For the next two weeks meat and poultry workers will have access to asymptomatic testing.

These workers may present at your testing site with a document (see Figure A). On presentation of the letter shown (paper or electronic) you should provide a test, regardless of symptoms. 

These tests should not be prioritised for processing.

Advice after their test:

  • If workers are asymptomatic, they can go back work, i.e. they do NOT have to isolate.
  • If workers are symptomatic (suspected cases) they are required to isolate like anyone else.
  • The document contains a QR code, that will capture their employment information so that we can track uptake of this initiative. 
  • There is no action required by testing sites, but please encourage workers to complete the on-line form if they have not already.