Love Your Eyes at Work

Love Your Eyes at Work

09 October, 2023

This World Sight Day, 12 October, the focus is on helping people understand the importance of protecting their vision in the workplace and calling on business leaders to prioritise the eye health of workers, everywhere. With the help of global partners and members, Vision 20/20 Australia aim to show the world how important it is to #LoveYourEyes.

To initiate and support Love Your Eyes at Work, Vision 20/20 Australia has developed a workplace resources kit to ensure that employers and employees can look after their eye health in the workplace. Download the kit.

You can share these resources on your intranet or in weekly staff emails, or print them out and have them around the workplace.

World Sight Day is an opportunity to focus the world’s attention on eye health as a global issue, raise awareness of eye health amongst individuals, families and communities, and is a platform to influence decision makers to prioritise eye health initiatives.