HeadtoHelp mental health hubs start Mon 14 Sep

HeadtoHelp mental health hubs start Mon 14 Sep

Fifteen HeadtoHelp mental health hubs will start providing mental health and wellbeing services to Victorians of all ages from Monday 14 September, with three delivered by Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network and local service providers.

13 September, 2020

From Monday 14 September 2020, Victorians will have access to additional mental health and wellbeing support with 15 new dedicated mental health hubs opening to the public.

The hubs, announced on 17 August as part of a $31.9 million federal government mental health package to support Victorians during the COVID-19 pandemic, have been rapidly rolled out across the state at a cost of $26.9 million.

There will be nine HeadtoHelp hubs located in Greater Melbourne and six in regional Victoria. The locations are:

  • Greater Melbourne: Berwick, Frankston, Officer, Hawthorn, Yarra Junction, West Heidelberg, Broadmeadows, Wyndham Vale, Brunswick East
  • Regional Victoria: Warragul, Sale, Bendigo, Wodonga, Sebastopol and Norlane

The Australian Government recognises that the ongoing restrictions are having a significant impact on the wellbeing and mental health of individuals and communities in Victoria, and is committed to ensuring that support is available.

These new hubs, branded with the HeadtoHelp logo, are a free service and, over the next 12 months, will provide a place within the community for people to access mental health care as early and as conveniently as possible.

The hubs are staffed by multi-disciplinary teams of mental health professionals which may include GPs, mental health nurses, psychologists, social workers and/or other allied health workers.

The HeadtoHelp hubs will provide mental health and wellbeing support via face-to-face and telehealth, and will also connect to other mental health services in their region, including intensive mental health care or social supports, to ensure people get the help they need when they need it.

The hubs will play a key role in supporting our GPs, emergency departments, and hospitals by providing easily accessible mental health care.

The rapid establishment of the hubs has been overseen by a joint federal and state Mental Health Pandemic Response Taskforce co-chaired by Dr Ruth Vine, the Australian Government Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Mental Health, and Pam Anders, CEO Mental Health Reform Victoria.

This collaboration between the Commonwealth and Victorian governments is ensuring that the new hubs will be integrated with local services and will support other enhancements to Victoria’s mental health system.

The hubs are being delivered by the Commonwealth Government’s Primary Health Networks (PHNs) which play a critical role in commissioning mental health services at a regional level.

Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network is partnering with local services to deliver hubs in:

  • Hawthorn
  • West Heidelberg
  • Yarra Junction.

Anyone concerned about their mental health can:

  • Call HeadtoHelp on 1800 595 212 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm) to talk to a health professional or connect to a service near them.
  • The hubs are COVID safe, so before visiting call first to talk to a hub team member.