Latest COVID-19 Update from EMPHN 2 March

Latest COVID-19 Update from EMPHN 2 March

02 March, 2021

In this issue:

Vaccination updates

  • Victorian Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Updates
  • Phase 1B EOI COVID-19 vaccine rollout update for GPs
  • Hospital vaccination hubs
  • Vaccination site preparedness
  • Legal authorisation of workforce and training
  • Victorian COVID-19 Vaccine Control Centre (VVCC)
  • Department of Health COVID-19 webinar update for GPs
  • RACF vaccination rollout in our community

Upcoming EMPHN webinars

  • COVID-19 Vaccination roll-out forum for Health Professionals
  • Providing culturally responsive mental health care during COVID-19 and beyond

Updates for GPs, primary care providers and pharmacy

  • Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System Final Report
  • Easing of restrictions
  • Moral distress and wellbeing of healthcare workers during COVID-19 study
  • Masks and PPE distribution
  • HealthPathways Melbourne

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