Immunisation alert - Expired vaccines

Immunisation alert - Expired vaccines

18 April, 2023

There has been an recent increase in vaccination administration errors involving expired vaccines.

To avoid vaccine administration errors of expired vaccine:

  • Review vaccine stock management procedures and processes.
  • Discard vaccine stock immediately when expired.
  • Always check vaccine expiry dates prior to dispensing vaccine.
  • Check vaccine expiry dates prior to vaccine administration.

Report vaccine administration errors:

  • All vaccine administration errors must be reported to SAEFVIC
  • SAEFVIC offers expert immunisation safety advice to health professionals, and can provide clinical services for children and adults if required.

Education opportunities: Preventing vaccine errors - the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre has developed an eLearning module for health professionals aimed at preventing and managing vaccine administration errors, including conversations relating to the open disclosure process.

Source: Department of Health Immunisation newsletter 5 April 2023.