How Eftsure provides security measures for your transactions with EMPHN

How Eftsure provides security measures for your transactions with EMPHN

29 November, 2023

EMPHN has engaged Eftsure to manage the collection and verification of payment information to contracted individuals and organisations. This helps to make sure payments to you or your organisation can be paid quickly and securely, once registered on the Eftsure system.

Eftsure goes through a robust verification process to ensure your contact and payment details are correct. This process is mandatory for all vendors with EMPHN. If you are a newly contracted individual/organisation with EMPHN, you will be asked to go through this process with Eftsure once, when you are first engaged by us.

Three quick steps to verify your information through Eftsure

Below is an overview of how the verification process works:

  1. An onboarding invite/change request is initiated by EMPHN staff through the Eftsure portal. The contracted person/organisation will receive a link to an onboarding form in the Eftsure portal that needs to be filled out. The recipient will receive email reminders about this process from Eftsure (on EMPHN’s behalf).
  2. Once the form is completed, the recipient chooses a verification option:
  • They can instantly verify by selecting the Bank Link, OR
  • They can choose Manual Entry which means they will receive an SMS or email, as well as a phone call from Eftsure to verbally verify the contact and payment details in the form.

3. The details will then be approved at Eftsure and EMPHN will finalise the onboarding process.

Once verified, you will not be asked to confirm your details again.

Why does EMPHN use Eftsure?

Eftsure’s verification process provides an additional layer of security for recipients, providing peace of mind that the payments you receive from EMPHN are legitimate, secure, and will not be fraudulently redirected.

Additionally, Eftsure helps EMPHN reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions by verifying the authenticity of payment requests to EMPHN, ensuring that they are legitimate and not part of a phishing or scam attempt.

If you have any questions about the process, contact