Help available for people found to be ‘at-risk’ by SafeScript

Help available for people found to be ‘at-risk’ by SafeScript

Medication Support and Recovery Service

22 May, 2019

The roll-out of SafeScript has uncovered the prevalence of people who are at-risk of prescription medication misuse. As a result, it is likely that those identified as at-risk, as well as their prescribers and dispensers, may not realise there are services that can help, such as the Medication Support and Recovery Service (MSRS).

ABC News New prescription monitoring system reveals thousands of Victorians are at risk of harm, (14/05/19), highlighted how the roll-out of Victoria’s real-time prescription monitoring system SafeScript is impacting GPs, pharmacists and healthcare consumers in Victoria.

It's reported more than 27,000 people have already been identified by SafeScript to be at-risk. This is a far greater number than previously anticipated, and demonstrates the need for adequate support services.

Furthermore, The Age Script-shopping software raises red flags, but doctors want more support for addicts (03/04/19) outlined calls from GPs for more services and referral options for vulnerable patients.

The MSRS is a unique service which caters specifically for people who are at-risk of medication misuse or dependency.

The community-based service helps people who identify as having problems with their use of prescription or over the counter medication.

The service helps people who want to reduce or come off current medications, but do not know how, or who to turn to.

The MSRS provides an integrated multidisciplinary program offering a range of services delivered by nurses, nurse practitioners, counsellors and peer support workers.

Nurse practitioners can prescribe medication to assist treatment of opioid dependence or naloxone for opioid overdose reversal to reduce risk of harm.

In addition they will collaborate with an individual’s GP to create a plan for staged medication tapering.

As well as this, our experienced MSRS peer support workers provide 1:1 support and peer support groups (such as Women’s Health and Wellbeing), for those who would prefer to use non-clinical services.

Quote attributable to Julius Ting, MSRS Project Manager:

‘Medication misuse continues to be an emerging issue in the community with a growing body of evidence suggesting that it is not slowing down. People should also be aware of services such as the MSRS to help support their recovery journey. MSRS also provides support and resources to medication prescribers and dispensers in having difficult conversations with their patients.”

The MSRS is accepting self-referrals and referrals from health professionals.  Referrals can be made by either:

  • Calling the Intake number on 1800 931 101; or
  • Completing a short form on the MSRS website (

The MSRS is commissioned by the Eastern Melbourne PHN and supported by funding from the Australian Government under the PHN Program.

For further information or for interviews, please contact:

Julius Ting (0403 410 797 or