HealthPathways Melbourne: COVID Positive Pathways Update

HealthPathways Melbourne: COVID Positive Pathways Update

30 March, 2022

The COVID-19 Primary Care Management pages on HealthPathways Melbourne have been updated to improve usability for all GPs across the Eastern Melbourne PHN and North Western Melbourne PHN regions.

From 30 March 2022, the four COVID-19 Primary Care Management pages will be merged into a single clinical pathway called "COVID-19 Positive Management", complemented by a "COVID-19 Positive Referrals" page. These pages will continue to provide GPs with guidance on the management of COVID+ patients in the community, and provide GPs with numbers for escalation, social support and important numbers within the Victorian COVID Positive Pathways Program.


1. What pages are impacted?

The four COVID-19 Primary Care Management pages supporting the different Health Service Partnerships (HSPs) and hospitals will be merged into a single clinical management page, with a complementary referral page.

2. I have bookmarked some links to the original pages, will these break?

No. Links to these individual pages will be automatically redirected to the new COVID-19 Positive Management page.

3. Why the need for this change?

COVID-19 continues to be an evolving space. Currently, efforts to keep clinical management guidance is duplicated across four pages. Moving towards a single clinical page and a single referral page will remove duplication and will make the updating of information more efficient. It will also improve usability as the information is more centralised.

4. Who can I contact if I have questions about accessing HealthPathways Melbourne?

Please contact the HealthPathways Melbourne team on

5. Where can I send suggestions about these pages?

To provide feedback on these pages and any other content on HealthPathways Melbourne use the SEND FEEDBACK button visible on each page.

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