HealthPathways in the Community

12 August, 2019

Dr Kaval Patel is an aged care GP.  He was first introduced to HealthPathways Melbourne at a palliative care education session back in 2015 and has been using it ever since.

"I started to use it immediately as it had lots of information that was relevant to my scope of practice. We are constantly trying to keep up to date with local services and medical protocols and having a quick and easy-to-use clinical resource is always helpful.

The thing that I found great, was that it was an excellent source of information that gave you a checklist of things to do and what to check for, to ensure the best care for your patient. Also, critically, it signposts where and when to refer onward with contact details, which is always very useful.

For myself, the pages on aged care work have been most useful for me, and have served to enhance my clinical care towards my patients."

GPs come across a number of online resources. Dr Patel has set HealthPathways Melbourne to open automatically on start-up. 

"To ensure I use it regularly I have it set as a favourite on my web browser on a fresh tab. As such it always opens up and is ready to use and access when using my computer."

Dr Kavel adds, "I would highly recommend the site to all doctors, whether you are a registrar, newly qualified GP, or established GP, as there is always some new information there that will support you in your continuing professional development."

Dr Kaval Patel works for Aged Care GP, an organisation that provides general practice care to residential aged care facilities.

Contact the team for tips, tricks and assistance with bookmarking or creating shortcuts, including setting up automatic login to HealthPathways Melbourne.